Woven Sleeves for the Adrienne Blouse


Just a quick blog post to tell you how I added woven sleeves to this knit top! It is really very simple and I followed the directions almost exactly! The only changes I made were below!


I used was a Leopard Print Polyester Crepe from Blackbird fabrics for the sleeves and a gorgeous Terracotta micro modal jersey fabric from Guthrie and Ghani for the bodice!

Minor changes:

When creating the tunnel for the elastic in the sleeve, I folded the top of the sleeve down twice. I wanted the raw edge to be hidden this way! You can also finish the edge of the top of the sleeve and then fold that down to create the tunnel, exactly how you would in the pattern. Here you can see a picture of the tunnel created and then the next picture has the elastic inserted! I followed all the directions in the pattern for the rest of the steps but there are some more notes below!

When attaching the sleeve to the knit bodice, I had to be careful not to stretch the knit too much and make sure they went together well. I still basted and checked fit. I didn’t have to tighten the elastic on the sleeves as much this time because the sleeves had no stretch. However, I still tightened it a little so it would not fall off of my shoulders. I also overlocked/serged the attachment of the sleeve to the bodice after I had permanently sewn this seam just to finish it! A lot of these tips won't make very much sense unless you have the pattern! But when you look at it, you will understand!


I made the tunnel for the elastic at the end of the sleeve with the same method as the top of the sleeve! Folding the raw edge in and then folding down to make the tunnel.


Of note, I used straight stitches when attaching the knit to the woven fabric. This was when I attached the sleeve to the bodice. I also used a regular universal needle to favor the woven fabric over the knit fabric when I was sewing both together.

Keep in mind when you are sewing with two different types of fabrics, that you watch your thread color. If you are going to top-stitch or secure anything, make sure you are using the correct thread color for the part of the garment you are working on!

And that's all folks!! Hope you enjoy and as always, email me or write me on instagram with any and all questions!!

Top: Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company

Fabric: Blackbird fabrics Leopard Print Polyester Crepe for sleeves and Guthrie and Ghani Terracotta micro modal jersey fabric for the bodice

Jumper: Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns! Visit the previous blog post about this!

Shoes: ABLE

Earrings: Machete

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