Victoria Lucille Anne

about Victoria


Wow..about me?? 

Hmmmm…Well I am sitting here right now watching the Great British Baking Show thinking of how amazing these people are. There are so many talented people out there. What in the world do I have to say that is special. Well, nothing really other than my sewing journey! I am happy to start chronicling this. It has been quite a journey so far. I find that sewing answers so many needs! I am not a creative person at all! I never come up with great ideas. I can’t just create something. I can’t really even draw a straight line. Painting makes me kind of anxious. I also CANNOT stand those tiny coloring books. They give me so much anxiety because they take SOOOOO long! I am the kind of person that must be working towards a goal and not wasting time, like ever! I usually cut patterns out or crochet while watching tv! Never did I ever think I would love sewing. My grandmother and mom sew and have given me a love for it since I was a child. I started on my mother's Bernina 930!!

My day job: You know that saying, " quit your day job?" Well I probably never will, because it is a huge part of who I am. I am an Anesthesiologist by day and seamstress by night. I am really more of a math/science nerd so I never imagined I would fall in love with sewing. Went to college, medical school, residency, and finally settled on a wonderful job in a small town. I appreciate the training I had, but my life was all about studying until I was all said and done. Now my brain can breathe and has room for creativity that I never knew I had! 

Balance: If I am being completely honest, ideas and fabric are swirling through my head all day! I feel like I never stop thinking and planning. I am a list person and love making my lists. I have relaxed a ton after having three kids! The lists are more fluid and maleable! I have one girl, age 10, and two boys, ages 6 and 2. They keep me well balanced for sure. Life is not perfect and it has become increasingly apparent with having three children. My husband is SUPER amazing. He is so encouraging and basically pushed me to write things down and start a blog. He is just so supportive and allows me to work while he takes care of our sweet, sweet children. Yes, I said allows! I love my job and I wouldn’t change a thing. I do miss my kids but I have great working hours and I get to see them very often. I find my work and hobbies are well balanced for the time being. Sometimes I get a little TOO focused on sewing and have to take a step back. I have way too many goals and too little time! I take sewing a little bit at a time. Every little bit counts!


How it all started: My first project was for my little girl, Emma! In 2017, I decided to make a costume for her. It was September of 2017 and I stumbled upon the Violette Field Threads website. They have the cutest dresses and outfits for little girls. I decided to buy the Pearl and Georgia patterns to try and imitate an authentic Anne of Green Gables dress. We had just gotten back from Prince Edward Island and met “her” there! This is another love of mine, TRAVEL. Another story for another day! Anyway, I started with this dress and boy, did it take a while. My love of sewing started to explode. I watched online classes, started making Emma a lot of dresses. In the midst of this, I tried a pattern for myself—COMPLETE FAILURE. I ignored measurements and just went with my normal size. Yeah….it worked for Emma but certainly not me. I set that down for a while. My husband, Jody, encouraged me to stop making things for Emma, as she had “enough dresses for now,” if that is even a thing! HAHA no! I tried again. Of course, I picked a Burda Style pattern, with no seam allowances, sewing with knit, and gathering on knit! It was tight fitting using Art Gallery knit fabric that was about $15 a yard. I guess I like a challenge. It actually turned out and I made it pretty well!

 Why I love sewing!!!: I think my most favorite part about sewing is being unique with every garment I make. I can pick my own fabric, make clothing that actually fits my long torso and very small chest with slightly wider hips! It’s not the perfectly proportioned body but no one has that! My dream is to share this passion and love for sewing with everyone! The possibilities are truly endless. I can make WHATEVER I want! WHENEVER I want! WHAT in the world!?? MIND BLOWN! I get pretty excited. I could go on and on about why I sew. Not to mention the sewing community is super amazing. So supportive and so much fun!

Hope you all like my blog! Even if just the family reads, I will always have this special growth and development documented!

love, Victoria