Nora Top Tie Hack

I love this top and it is clearly invading my wardrobe because I have made 3! I have never modified it until today! I just love how this looks! It adds so much to the pattern and gives me a new look! Do you like how I am wanting spring to come by wearing my floral skirt with a sweater. It's fine.......haha!


I will briefly discuss:

  • Fabric choice

  • Adding the ties

  • Pattern layout

  • Pattern construction

  • Pattern fit

  • Styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I chose a nice French Terry in rose from Sewing Studio and I think it worked so well with this pattern! I think this pattern can work with most fabrics. I even made it in a rib knit that was very drapey and I still loved it! It will work with almost any knit, but will change the look, depending on what you choose!

Adding the ties:

I am so excited to share this with you all because it is so simple! All I did was create a pattern piece for the tie that was about 20 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. I laid this pattern piece with the length of it running along the selvage so that that the tie would have less stretch. My fabric was only 2 way stretch, so this helped my ties be more stable and not stretch as much. You don’t want to create a tie that will stretch too much. Aside from all this jargon and confusing terminology, just place the tie so that the length of it does not have too much stretch. Cut 4 ties! If you fabric is folded over and doubled, then you just have to cut the pattern piece twice- creating 4 ties.

Then, you will fold them in half, right sides together, long ways, and sew down one short side and down the long side, leaving one short side open.

Then, turn the ties right side out.

If you want to be particular you can sew down the long side only, and then iron the tie with the seam in the middle and then sew a short side. This will keep the long seam down and underneath the ties so you don’t see them. You can then sew one short side with the seam positioned down, so it stays!


Then continue by turning it right side out as before.

Then you will need to pin these about an inch below the notch (towards the writs) on the pattern sleeve seam. You will be pinning them right sides together.


If you have placed the seam on the bottom of the tie then it will be facing you, as this is the wrong side of the tie. I did not do this but you can see how I have the seam to a certain side and I kept this consistent while pinning all 4.

Again, you will pin the tie 1 inch below the notch, and then you can baste them there. Then you will sew the sleeves shut, right sides together and sew down to the split hem as instructed. The rest of the pattern is the same! You will need to be careful when you sew the sleeves down that you don’t catch the rest of ties or other parts of it!!! They should be on the inside when you sew down the seam of the sleeve! The ties should be caught within this seam now and should be coming out from the underside of the sleeve! Then you tie them on the top of your wrist however you like! Voila!


Pattern layout:

It is very self-explanatory and easily demonstrated within the instructions. The only thing we added were the ties. I still cut out this pattern within only 2 yards of fabric!

Pattern construction:

There is nothing majorly new to add other than the change I made with the ties! Of note, I did add a zigzag stitch to the very bottom of the split hem, before it splits open. I wanted to make sure it was reinforced and it is basically a little larger than a bar-tack. It was a large zigzag seen here. Not super neat, if I really cared I would redo it but I wanted to wear it! Haha!


Pattern fit:

I don’t have much to say for fit other than it fits! Just keep in mind the cropped hem is a little short for long-waisted people. I don’t mind because I wear a lot of high waisted skirts and pants.

Styling your garment:

This sweater is full of possibilities! I love the versatility it brings depending on the fabric you choose! You can also make it short sleeved and make it from a viscose jersey and it will have a totally different look!

Take a look at my previous versions here! I have made 3!

Sweater: Tilly and the Buttons Nora Top

Fabric: Sewing Studio French Terry in Rose

Skirt: Rebecca Page's Arabella Skirt pattern made from Art Gallery ray

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