Jocko by Ready to Sew

This pattern test was so much fun! I absolutely love all of her patterns. They are so versatile and easy to put on in the morning when you can’t think of anything else to wear. Every pattern has a feminine touch yet has some edge. This pattern was no different. I normally don’t jump on patterns that are really loose and that I cant tuck in or cinch in, however this one is amazing. There are so many options using her hacks and the options in the pattern! You can make a cropped version and make a turtleneck without shoulder snaps! She has also translated this pattern into Spanish! All of her patterns are in French and English, but now this one also in Spanish. She has also an expanded size range of 32 to 52!! I think I own all of her patterns and if I hadn’t tested this one, I would have bought it! Ok, enough about all that, let’s get into the details!


I will briefly discuss:
-fabric choice
-pattern layout
-pattern construction and inserting snaps
-pattern fit
-styling your garment

Fabric choice:

The fabric choice was easy! I just used a stable knit. This was a Telio Paola pique knit in Hermes red from A Ponte, scuba, or sweater knit is a great option. I wanted something that would stand out from my body where the snaps are attached at the bottom. I don’t think you have to pick a certain type of knit fabric as long as it has the required amount of stretch for the pattern and it has some body. Otherwise the choice is yours!


I didn’t change a thing! The pattern is perfect the way it is! She has several modifications on her blog and within the pattern to have fun with it!

Pattern layout:

This pattern was very easy to cut out and didn’t require any special changes or modifications in the layout for my fabric. I didn't require any more fabric than the given fabric requirements.

Pattern Construction and Inserting Snaps:

I think her instructions are some of the best! The way she goes about executing each step is done with efficiency and good explanation! I don’t have much to say for this category!

I will say that snaps are always a difficult one for me, and attempting these was a challenge. There are not a lot of choices around here for me to buy snaps. I just used the simple pearl snaps from my local craft store. They were size 16 or 7/16” (11mm). I think these were the perfect size. I bought 2-in-1 eyelet and snap pliers and somehow muffled my way through putting these in. I wish I could give you a tutorial but I barely figured it out myself! However, here is a youtube video I found after the fact that was super helpful! Haha! This video displays the Dritz snap fastener pliers which I am now purchasing because it looks a lot easier! It will hold the snaps for you before they are attached, making it super easy. Plus, it looks like it has an adapter for pearl snaps!


Pattern fit:

Let me just tell you…I normally don’t jump at the chance to make large sweaters that swallow me but there is something about the fit of this one that I love! It's so chic and beautiful! I need to make lots more. I am not big on sewing “cake” and I am more of a “frosting” gal. But this pattern is the perfect option to put on right when I get home from work. It is super stylish, yet still comfortable and easy to wear. I brought this one to Europe and wore it about 3-4 times over 2 weeks with a different turtleneck underneath each time. It was fabulous to have and a huge staple in my wardrobe! When you go to Europe for two weeks and you want to have something that will mix and match with your capsule wardrobe, this sweater needs to go with you!

Styling your garment:

I hinted at this with the pattern fit, but this was fabulous to mix and match with different turtlenecks (aka Tilly freya). You can change the look completely depending on what you put on underneath. You don’t have to layer it, but I enjoyed doing this. I loved how the bottom layer would show when I rolled up the sleeves of the top. I think this sweater can be worn easily with pants that are fitted such as leggings or skinny jeans. Even boyfriend style jeans would look great rolled up for a nice relaxed look! I love the look of these options and believe me, I have been wearing them all!


Pattern: Jocko by Ready to Sew

Fabric: Telio Paola pique knit in Hermes red from (This color is no longer available but here is a link to the mustard and there are a few other colors.)

Undershirt: Tilly and the Buttons Freya top out of Girl Charlee fabric

Boots: Free People

Hat: Target

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