WIlder Gown by Friday Pattern Company


I so enjoyed being a tester for this pattern! It was such a joy! I was given the pattern in exchange for my feedback in the testing process, but I was not required to blog about it! All of my opinions in this blog post are my own! I was so incredibly excited to make this pattern when it stumbled across my emails. I saw the picture and was like WHAAAAATTTTTTTTTT. This is going to be epic. It took a while to decide on fabric but I think I chose a great print for this one! 

_LSG4328 2.jpg

I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces

     -Pattern construction

     -Pattern fit

     -Styling your garment

Fabric choice: I wanted to use something sheer and romantic. I am especially obsessed with polka dots at the moment! I saw some blue georgette fabric with white polka dots at Hobby Lobby and I fell in love! I think that this pattern works well with all different types of fabric with drape. You can use an opaque or sheer! I love the way mine floats in the wind! Challis, very lightweight linen, crepe, Georgette, silk chiffon, cotton lawn and many more fabrics would look fabulous! If there is more body to the fabric then that will work but the dress will have a different look!


Pattern Layout: I didn’t modify anything in particular for this pattern! It works very well the way it is and there were no issues. Keep in mind, if you want a contrasting neck tie that you will need to cut that piece out of another fabric! 

Modifications to the pattern pieces: None!

Pattern construction: I had absolutely no issues with construction of this pattern! It was extremely easy and straightforward! It is very easy to insert the tie at the neckline and it was a wonderful way to finish the garment top! I also thought the fact that the pattern did not have any bulky seams was great for sheer fabrics. 


Pattern fit: I didn’t make any changes to the pattern. It is a very very easy fit and I found there was plenty of room in the finished garment! The only issue I noticed was that the seam line between the bodice and the top layer of the skirt was drooping in the front. I think this may be because the bodice droops forward a little on my shoulders? I made the smallest size but if I could go back I might just take a larger chunk out of the bodice and shorten it a tiny bit, just in the front (as I am an A cup). This would maybe allow the seam to be straight all the way around. Either way, it really doesn’t bother me too much and I could still fix this if I wanted to. 


Speaking of making the smallest size, I usually make the second to smallest in her patterns, but I saw how much ease was included in all the measurements. This helped me decide to make the smallest size and it worked perfectly!


Styling your garment: 

This dress reminds me of the old dress and shirts with the ruffles along the neck and goes very well with large stud earrings! I think anything with a decorative neckline looks gorgeous with stud earrings, as it gives the neckline more attention. I wore hoops but next time!! I decided to do a contrast tie but I saved some of the original fabric to make a matching tie as well. This would be easily interchangeable. You just need to use a safety pin to pull another one through but the channel is always open! Pretty amazing! 

I think this dress also has a vintage nightgown feel, which I love. I could see it in some liberty of London, and some completely sheer fabric as well in bright colors. It can have so much flow and drape, so I could see it having a 70’s feel as well. It is so versatile you guys! I think you should have fun with it! It is a really quick make!


Pattern: Wilder Dress gown by Friday pattern company

Fabric: Georgette from hobby lobby

Shoes: ABLE 

Earrings: Anthropologie