Untitled thoughts Olive Jumpsuit

This make was so much fun! It was easy, instructions were well put together, and I enjoyed it so much. As for the garment itself, I need more like this in my life! Once I put it on, I literally could not take it off! It was fabulously comfortable! I imagine that it will be a staple for the years to come. I feel practical (even with the open back) and relaxed at the same time!


I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces

     -Pattern construction

     -Pattern fit

     -Styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I found myself looking at my shelf of linen, particular the stripes and solids for this pattern! I had some linen cotton from Alyssa May Design and it was just perfect for this pattern! I wanted something to add length to the garment with vertical stripes. This would make it look continuous and help it to look super fabulous! I think any lightweight breathable fabric with a little bit of weight and drape would look amazing with this pattern!


Pattern layout: I had no problem with the layout! However, I forgot I wanted to do the tapered leg so I accidentally used more fabric than I needed and cut the full leg! Luckily I was able to just cut the excess off! I also had to be sure I cut out the proper back. I wanted the low back! Keep in mind there are several views to choose from and you can see them all on her website! Also, if you are working with stripes be aware that you may want the straps to match slightly or at least have a similar stripe. Mine don’t really have that but I wish I would have thought of it! Also, the tie joining point in the center, will not show because it will be in a casing. This was good because I didn’t think about making the stripes continuous through the join. However, for the casing, I had to recut this because I wanted it to match at the center back point and have the same stripe continue! You can see below the same stripe continues across.


Modifications to pattern pieces:

I decided to complete a SBA for the jumpsuit bodice. I don’t know that this was completely necessary as the bodice is rather loose fitting anyways, but I didn’t want to have extra room that I didn’t need! Lucky for me it removed the dart!!! Here is a link to the general tutorial that she has on her website for an SBA in general. This is part 2 and Part 1 is also there and links to a FBA. I made size A which is my measurement for the bust plus I removed about 1.5 inches total (3/4 inch from the bodice piece which is one side), so it was a little bit of a risk because technically the bodice would have been too small for me at that point. However, I looked at the finished measurements and this helped me make this decision and helped me decide how much to take out!


Pattern construction:

The construction of the jumpsuit went really well! The only hiccup I had was when I tried on the bodice, the straps appeared to fit well, but I didn’t take into account the fact the waist casing would probably sit a little higher so my straps ended up being too long. When I tried on the final jumpsuit, I needed to adjust them quite a bit. All I did was fold them down and sew them into place so that they wouldn’t show as shown here! It worked out fine and I don’t mind it at all!


Pattern fit:

I had no problems with the fit once I adjusted the straps! The back neckline was almost buckling and gaping, however if I made it tighter, it would be difficult to move, so as long as I am standing up straight, it is perfect! I didn’t want to adjust it! I know Brittani of Untitled Thoughts has a tutorial on how to fix a gaping back here!


Styling your garment:

Personally, with the low back option, I feel this garment speaks for itself! It is super sexy yet casual and comfortable. I think it could be dressed up with heels and a drapey viscose fabric as well! It has so many possibilities and I love it so so much! It is so perfect for everyday wear and for a night out! It all depends what shoes you pair with it and what kind of earrings or hair accessories!

Pattern: Untitled Thoughts Olive Jumpsuit

Fabric: cotton/linen from Alyssa May Design