This Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory was such a joy! I really really loved the fabric as you will see and I made this pattern in an afternoon. It is very easy and I didn’t run into any real trouble! I am going to focus a lot on how the make went and the accessories I used to bring it to life!


I will briefly discuss:

-Fabric choice

-Pattern layout

-Modifications to pattern pieces

-Pattern construction

-Pattern fit

-Styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I have been hoarding and hoarding and hoarding this Kokka Koto Thouin Cotton/Linen sheeting from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics (unavailable now) for what seems like the longest time! I will attach a direct link to the fabric on the makers website, however, I don’t believe you can buy it from there.

The first time Stone Mountain posted the fabric on their website, it flew off the shelves, and so the next time, I was ready. Anytime I have liked something from that store, I just get it because I know it will never come back and the buyers on that site are crazy! Haha! So I had been searching for the perfect pattern for this fabric. I kept holding up the fabric and a pattern and thinking…nah……until….the Zadie Jumpsuit!!! I just pulled it out and thought to myself, will this look crazy, yes! I knew I would love it. Bye bye solid color, hello pastels artwork! The fabric behaved beautifully and has enough body to give me the boxy look that I was wanting. It also has such dimension and interest. I feel like a painting just walking around! The linen aspect of the fabric is so beautiful and earthy. I think this jumpsuit would look fabulous in a number of different substrates including linen, crisper cotton blends, silk noil, and pretty much the sky is the limit. You can use more drapey fabrics but it will have a different look, which is fine!

Pattern Layout:

I literally had zero problems with the layout. It was very clear and I had enough fabric. I had to squeeze a bit because my fabric was not very wide, but I made it with a tiny bit less fabric!! I think it depends on your size. I cut out a size 8.

Modifications to the pattern pieces:

I didn’t modify anything at all! I think the pattern is made for a C cup and I am barely an A cup, but I just tie the overlap tighter and it looks fabulous! Its very easy to adjust the tie waist to fit your body, which leads me to fit later in the blog!


Pattern construction:

I had no major issues constructing the pattern and I appreciated the clear instructions when told to serge your seams. I would have like to have been told to finish the edges of the pattern pieces before assembling the seams that were to be pressed open (the bodice side seams)! I don’t like to serge them after they are already assembled!! However, that was the only spot it was not super clear and if I would have read ahead one sentence, I would have been fine!

I think the way that the bias finishes at the very bottom of the bodice into the crotch area is ok, but a little awkward to me when you try to fold it over. I don’t see how it could be any different, and it still works but it just doesn’t sit or lay super flat. The binding is having to bend in a way it doesn’t really want to go! Which is probably why they stress to give it a good press! And it is not noticeable in all that fabric crossing over and being pulled!

Pattern fit:

I think that if you are in doubt, make a smaller size. I think the size I made was for a person with smaller hips and a slightly smaller waist. However, I knew the finished garment had so much room, I went with the smaller size, and it is perfect. I made a size 8! As I said above, the fit in the bust area is very easy to adjust with the waist ties!

Styling your garment:

Let’s just start by saying, I don’t get any compensation for any of these recommendations! They are all just things I love!

Now to the good stuff, this is my all time favorite part!! Let’s start from the top to bottom!

I begged for more hair clips for my birthday and I haven’t seen them in too many places. I have found a few on amazon and I have found some from very high priced jewelry stores online. However, I have been looking everywhere for some cheaper options. Well the hubby did pretty well because he found some at Charming Charlie (specific links below)! I love them and I have an assortment I can pick from! I like wearing just a few and I also like wearing 5-6! It’s fun to make a statement with your clips!

My earrings are super super old but I love them! I got them from Forever 21 about 10 years ago! I love giant studs and I am looking for more in my life (earrings that is)! My friend in Houston has some great choices for artistic, statement earrings. Here is her Etsy shop!


My necklace is from World Market and it was one of those cards with multiple chains on it. You get a good value with those and can mix and match them as you please! Here is an example of one of these multi-chain cards!

Finally, my shoes!! They are new from Target! I love them so much. I really really am not a sneaker person, but these were pastel and super different so they spoke to me! Literally! They go perfectly with my jumpsuit!


Last, but not least, I think this jumpsuit would look fabulous with heels as well and for a fancy night out! It can go either way. You can even wear a nice pair of flats and dress it up that way. Have fun with it!


Jumpsuit: Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory

Fabric: Kokka Koto Thouin Cotton/Linen sheeting from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics

Clips: Charming Charlie two different clip options: metallic clips and pink clip

Earrings (super old design!) : Forever 21

Necklace: World Market

Shoes: Target

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