Tilly & the Buttons: Delphine Skirt

First off to say I absolutely love, love Tilly! Her book “Love at First Stitch” is an absolute gem! The patterns are so simple yet wonderful. They have beautiful simple construction, with fabulous tips along the way! I decided to make the Delphine skirt and it was such a quick, satisfying make! Also….super excited about this but in a few days there will be another blog post about how my hubby made this beautiful decorative rack you will see below!


I will briefly discuss:

  • Fabric choice

  • Modifications

  • Pattern layout and cutting/marking

  • Notes about corduroy/needlecord

  • Pattern construction

  • Pattern fit

  • Styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I bought this from Lamazi Fabrics and it is called Dashwood Studio - Purple Pomegranate Cotton Needlecord! It is now sold out but it was gorgeous fabric! I did find the same fabric at Sew Me Sunshine!

I think this skirt works with any fabric that can hold the a-line shape. Denim, corduroy, twill, possibly cotton poplin and any other fabric with some body!



I didn’t have to modify anything! I liked the pattern as is!

Pattern layout and cutting/marking:

I traced the pattern from the packet of patterns provided in the back section of the book. This was very easy and took very little time! I used this paper from Amazon.

This pattern has only a few notches and I had no trouble snipping those into the fabric.

Notes about corduroy/needlecord:

Sometimes I worry about ironing needlecord, but it had a very short pile. I decided it would be ok to iron it on the wrong side without a problem. Sometimes I iron it on the wrong side but have the right side laying on a towel. So that the pile is not squished! I do this for velvet as well. You also have to remember that your fabric has a nap, or certain direction that the fibers want to be brushed or go. You usually want all of it to go the same way. Just treat your fabric as directional when cutting it out and make sure that you don't cut out any pieces upside down!


Pattern construction:

The construction of this garment is absolutely wonderful. All the way down to the tiny details of turning out the corners of the waistband, Tilly has you covered. Her instructions cannot be beat.

Pattern fit:

If I could make it again, I would make a smaller size or grade the pattern to be a size in between the 2 and 3 sizes. It was slightly too large in the waist. I should have known this would be a problem because I was literally right in between the two sizes and I made a larger size. Silly me! I guess I thought that the lower I pull the skirt down, the more it would fit my waist, but then the hips did not fit right. It is supposed to be relatively high waisted! I will probably wear it with a belt most of the time, just placed over it. I would like to make another in the smaller size!! But the garment is made so perfectly and I love it! It looks so neat on the inside and the outside!

Styling the garment:

I honestly think this skirt looks so clever with a tucked in top. I think the Tessuti Patterns Monroe turtleneck looks great in this picture! Actually any turtleneck would look fabulous. An oversized shirt or v-neck would also look great partially tucked in! It would also look fabulous with a cropped sweater or jumper! Lots of possibilities. You could wear it with tights and boots or flats. The choice is yours!! Have fun with it!

Now you will have to excuse these next pictures, as I was having a moment of ridiculousness while throwing my beret in the air. I was pretending like I was graduating and like that didn't happen a million years ago!!


Skirt pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Delphine Skirt from the book “Love at First Stitch

Fabric: (Sold out) Lamazi fabrics Dashwood Studio - Purple Pomegranate Cotton Needlecord

Another option to purchase: Sew Me Sunshine

Shirt: Tessuti patterns Monroe Turtleneck in Girl Charlee Cotton Jersey

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Hat: Disneyworld Epcot

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