Tessuti Berlin Jacket

This pattern by Tessuti is so simple but definitely threw me through a loop! I was so baffled by the fact that I was just overlapping seams and not sewing right sides together!! I loved the finished product!


I will briefly discuss

-fabric choice


-pattern layout

-pattern construction

-pattern fit

-styling your garment


Fabric choice:

I chose some boiled wool from Stylemaker Fabrics in Green Apple! I don’t know what came over me when I decided to order this bright color of wool but I like it! I remember thinking, do I really want a green apple coat? Yes! I know that this pattern requires material that will not fray. Boiled wool is a very good option! However, I could see a stable knit such as Ponte or French Terry being a good alternative!



None! If I could cut it out again, I would not make anything longer or shorter.

Pattern layout: The layout provided works well with the fabric requirements. It is good to pay attention to the layout instead of doing your own thing (which is what I did)! It made me almost run out of fabric! Life would be easier if I could just follow directions!

MAKE SURE you do not cut your notches! There are very few but do not cut them. Your seams will be raw with this garment and you do not want notches showing.

Also be mindful of how straight you are cutting when you cut out your fabric. You can always trim seams later if they are not even, or if they are wavy! However, it would be easier if you cut out the garment properly the first time!


Pattern construction:

I loved the construction of this jacket and it is very well explained. There were a few times I got confused but that was just because it is so different than what I am used to!

Here is a picture of the joining of the two front seams at the back. The instructions were confusing for me here but this is how you join them. You have to make sure the right sides are facing up!


I did enjoy the instructions for the most part and they are very well detailed with pictures galore! I did not mark the 3/8 inch with pins, but used a dissapearing ink marker.


This was easier to line up with. I only did this for a few seams as it was easy to estimate this. I just placed the other piece on top and pinned very well. I even left the pins in for some seams until the whole seam was sewn.

Here is a picture of the pocket placement. I measured from the bottom on both sides to make sure the pockets were in the right place even though there are marks on the fabric.


Here are several pictures of different parts of the garment up close so you can see the finished product.

Pattern fit:

The fit of the pattern was perfect and I made it according to the measurements. I made an XS for reference!


Styling your garment:

I think this jacket can be worn as a casual piece but can also be worn with a dress! I think the color is actually quite versatile! It can go well with leopard prints, magenta, red, shades of purple especially lavender, ochre, mustard, browns, and blues (especially navy). The list is endless!

Pattern: Tessuti Berlin Jacket

Fabric: Boiled wool in Green Apple from Stylemaker Fabrics

Shirt: Another Tessuti! Hazelwood Top. Check out my blog from that make.

Shoes: Muk Lucks from Jane.com

Hat: Target

Necklace: Me Made necklace by Pink Coat Club

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