Solina Dress

This dress was such a nice palette cleanser after my Amsterdam jacket (blog post in progress)!! I know it doesn’t seem like it would be, but it was very easy to make! I love the Breaking the Patternbook by Named Clothing! It is such a genius book! I really think I want to make this again in the shirt version and maybe even the jumpsuit version! It has such an amazing fit!


I will briefly discuss:

-Fabric choice

-Pattern layout

-Modifications to pattern pieces

-Pattern construction

-Pattern fit


Fabric choice:

Tencel twill from Blackbird Fabrics was a fabulous choice! I absolutely love this animal print! I was swooning over it when she had it in her shop the first time and she sold out so quickly! I was on the ball and ready when she got some more in! I love the weight of this fabric, however I think this dress would look great in any viscose rayon or something similar! A crepe would work well, a linen would look gorgeous! Even stretch crepe suiting would look nice!

Pattern layout: 

There is nothing complicated here. Everything works well and the layout is not complicated!!

Modifications to pattern pieces:

No modifications here ahead of time. No real need for me to do my regular small bust adjustment. I think that the pattern works well with all body types. The tie front allows you to cinch in the waist well. I didn’t need any adjustments in the end!


Pattern construction:

I didn’t change anything with the pattern construction and it was all very simple. I did go ahead and make a rectangle around the end of the tie to encase the raw edge.

****I found this videoon inserting the ties AFTER I completed this dress. Hopefully it'll help you out!****


I did finish the pieces it told me to finish (with my serger) before assembling the garment! I loved how they put everything together and I like how the vent hem was constructed! I used bias stay tapefrom amazon that you see pictured here to reinforce the areas instructed (where the zipper will be...etc).

The zipper explanation was a little confusing and I will just mention what I did. I put the zipper stop 1cm from the seam that joins the outer (interfaced) collar and the inner collar. Not 1cm from the very top when the collar is opened out (the very top is the raw edge that will form the inner seam for the inner collar). This was how I understood the pattern, but it took a second to think what the instructions were telling me!

I really don’t have too much to say other than that! The pattern is very well done.

Pattern fit:

The fit was very easy and worked very well. It does fit in the shoulders and arms with less ease than the waist. It is fitted where it needs to be but the waist area is not as tight, as you have the ties to make things cinch in!


Styling your garment:

The dress speaks for itself….I mean its leopard print!!! I think heels, or high heeled boots, or anything would work with this dress. Its not too long to wear with flats either. The length is perfect! It really is a gorgeous dress!

Dress: Named Clothing Solina Dress

Fabric: Tencel Twill II Tiger’s Eye- Blackbird fabrics 

Shoes: ABLE

Check out my YouTube video on this make!

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