Seabright Swimmer by Friday Pattern Company

This swimsuit was a flurry of amazing emotions and confidence! First of all, it was a very easy make. Was my body swimsuit ready? NO! Does it matter? NO! This swimsuit instantly boosted my confidence for my sewing skills and my body! I did not expect to love it so much! And can we just please take a moment to talk about built-in stylish sun protection! The fabric comes with two options for sleeves. You can decide to have them or not have them! I chose to have them because I love the built in protection and my shoulders are always burning!

I will briefly discuss:
-Fabric choice
-Pattern layout
-Modifications to pattern pieces
-Pattern construction
-Pattern fit
-Styling your garment


Fabric Choice:

It is hard to find a good swimsuit fabric, but I have to say, that the Fabric Fairy has never ever let me down! It is a solid nylon spandex tricot swim fabric. I order almost all my swim fabric from Fabric Fairy and I have just started to branch out into other sellers! They make it very easy on their website to shop for swim fabric. I also use foam cups from there as well. I really don’t need any extra support but I needed the cups, as I will discuss more down below.

I think as long as you follow her instructions for the amount of stretch you need and content, it will be suitable for the swimsuit.

As far as my elastic goes, I ordered some chlorine and saltwater safe swimwear elastic. Sometimes it just says swimwear elastic and doesn’t specifically say chlorine and saltwater safe. Here is the link for what I used from Amazon! I ordered the swim elastic in bulk but there is a smaller option! The foam cups come in different sizes! I ordered a 32-A.


Pattern layout:

There is nothing special about the layout. It’s pretty simple. I didn’t have any issues!

Modifications to pattern pieces:

I went ahead and graded out to a medium from the hip to the crotch area for both the front and back pieces so I could have more bottom coverage! It has given me more than enough now and I don’t know if I needed to do that, but you never know!

I also added 1/2 inch to the front and back bodice pieces because of my long torso. I think I should have added a whole inch, but it still worked out ok!

Pattern Construction:

Most everything went very smoothly during the pattern test. The few things that were issues are fixed now with the final version!!


As a side note, I tried on the bodice BEFORE attaching the bottom to see if the length of the sleeves was appropriate and how the bodice fit so far. I am SOOOOO glad I did this because I discovered that I needed some foam cups for modesty. I don’t need them for support, but things were definitely showing too much through the thin layer of the swim fabric and lining! I was still able to add the cups at this stage by reaching inside and pulling the swim fabric away from the lining. I sewed them to the wrong side of the lining so they would be inside and sandwiched in between the lining and the main fabric. She has a point at the beginning of the instructions for you to do this, but I actually preferred putting them in at this point. This was because I could place them perfectly, although it was a little difficult to sew them in at this point!

Pattern fit:

I think that the fit of the pattern was so amazing. I barely changed anything with the modifications and it fit like right out of the envelope! I am just amazed that so many swimsuits do not even remotely fit me in the store and this one was perfect! You guys, it’s so good!



I think that this swimsuit can be styled any way you want! I mean, its a swimsuit! I think making it in vibrant colors would be awesome as I have done here, or you can do a really cool stripe and maybe make the stripes contrast! Have fun with it!

Swimsuit pattern: Friday Pattern Company Seabright Swimmer
Fabric: Fabric Fairy Solid Nylon Spandex Tricot Swim fabric in Emerald Green
Swimwear Elastic (1/4 inch Dritz)
Bra cups from Fabric Fairy
Kimono: Free People
Hat: Target
Earrings: Amazon