Samantha Dress by AK Patterns

I so enjoyed this make! I have been in the need of a simple sundress that is versatile yet comfortable! I really love the fabric I chose as well! I was so honored when Athina asked me to make this dress to celebrate Samantha dress month! Of course I finished it like right at the end of April and I am just getting to the blog post! Oh well! Fashionably late!


I will briefly discuss:

-Fabric choice

-Pattern layout

-Modifications to pattern pieces

-Pattern construction

-Pattern fit

-Styling your garment

Fabric Choice:

I wasn’t sure about my fabric choice! However, I took a good long stare at my fabric stash and saw daisies and that was the end of that story! This fabric was from Girl Charlee and it completely suits this pattern! It’s so lovely! I think any cotton Jersey would work well for this pattern! Even a viscose Jersey would work as long as you take into account that it might be more thin and have more drape!

Pattern layout:

There was not much different about this pattern layout that I need to point out.

Modifications to the pattern pieces:

I had originally thought to make the sleeves with more volume and more of a bishop sleeve, however, this was difficult! I tried my best by slashing and spreading the sleeve. Then, because I didn’t want it to flare out too much, I made the width gently taper back up to where the grown on sleeve sort of begins. This would have been a lot easier if there was a separate sleeve that I could just expand, but it was grown on! I am not really including too much of how to do this because I don’t think it really worked like I wanted it to! So scratch that and keep the original sleeve! Live and learn!

Pattern Construction:

I was a little confused when it came to crossing over the wrap in the front. The seams lengths would not match up unless I crossed the wrap over quite a bit. I would have preferred leave it open a tad more. But I think it still looks amazing! Next time, I may try to decrease the angle at which the pieces go down to the waist and make it have to wrap a little less while still keeping the length the same! We don't want any gaping!

Don't forget to use your stretch needle and walking foot for sewing with knits!

Pattern fit: No problem here! I found that the waist was still a bit loose so I made the belt to use as a good waist cincher! Of course, it worked well and looks fabulous!

Styling your garment:

I decided to wear this dress with crisp white shoes and a sun hat! I love how cute and casual this can be! It can also be worn with high heels and completely dressed up! It is so versatile. The pattern also comes in different lengths and can be used for several different occasions! I hope you enjoy! I loved pairing it with this oversized beach bag!


Pattern: Samantha dress gifted by Athina Kakou (Opinions of this blog are my own. I was just asked to make the dress)

Fabric: Girl Charlee

Purse: Anthropologie (on clearance)

Shoes: Target

Earrings: Target Baublebar

Clips: Amazon! Check out similar clips with this link.

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