Regatta Dress by Alice and Co Patterns


This pattern was a joy to make! I had fun with pattern mixing as a often do. I really liked mixing the stripes with the other print but we will get a little more into that when I talk about fabric choice! Alice and Co Patterns have done it again and created a very versatile fun and flirty summer sundress!

I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces and Pattern fit

     -Constructing the ties

     -Styling your garment


Fabric Choice:

I have been hoarding this stripe fabric and the linen/cotton for ages! I bought the linen from Fabric Godmother a very very long time ago! It came all the way from the UK! I saw it on my shelf and thought it would be the perfect combo for this pattern with the stripe scraps I had from another project. I think the partial structure of this fabric worked well with this sundress. I absolutely love it! I think this pattern would work with drapey fabric as well. It would flow a little more. I know that you can use ribbon for the ties but I really wanted the stripes look and wanted to match my pockets! I will talk about construction of the ties below!


Pattern layout:

I didn’t have to think about anything in particular with my pattern layout! Everything was rather straight forward and easy if I recall! I made sure that my pockets were cut out with contrast fabric!! Don’t forget to do that if that is what you are going for with the dress!

Modifications to pattern pieces:

I had considered doing a small bust adjustment, however the whole bodice area is already very forgiving as the ties can cinch it in as much as you need. I didn’t need to do this at all. I made sure to pick the size that matched my bust size the best and perhaps a little smaller as I didn’t have to worry about armholes or shoulders in this dress. Since I am an A cup, this worked well for me! There was also plenty of room in the waist and hips area which you can gather from the finished measurements when you are considering what size to make.


Constructing the ties:

I took half of the total amount of ribbon suggested 2 meters/2=1 meter each or about 40 inches) and used that length for the front and for the back, plus about 1.5 inches for a seam allowance for both. I cut both with the length along the grain. The width I used was about 4 inches which made about 1.5 inch ribbon after being folded in half and sewn with a seam allowance. So this meant I cut two long pieces of fabric along the grain 40 x 4 inches long. This was the perfect width and length. I know what you are thinking, I need two ribbon pieces for the back (which makes 3 pieces total), well I cut the 40 inch piece in half to split into to ribbons for the back bodice. Now, for the front ribbon, I sewed two of the three sides (one short and one long) and then turned it right side out. I finished the raw edge by turning the raw edges in and stitching it down.

This is already folded and sewn right sides together.

This is already folded and sewn right sides together.

Then for the back ties I cut this piece length in half to make two ties, as mentioned above. I sewed the length on 2 sides (long and short) and then I turned them right side out!


You don’t need to finish the raw edge of these pieces because it can be used to attach to the inside of the bodice and lining. You won’t see it! If you like you can also sew the edges on an angle to have angled ends for all of these ties. I hope this made sense! I just kind of estimated as they are tied! Just make sure they are not too wide to go through the casings you are creating for them in the dress! They are adding additional instructions about the lengths the ties should be for the pattern release!!! You may not even need all of my math!


Styling your garment:

I don’t really know what to say for this other than grab your favorite sun hat or umbrella, find some flowers or picturesque street to walk down, and enjoy how this fabulous sundress makes you feel! It’s amazing and if you mix prints like I did, you won’t need to add much to the whole ensemble to speak very loudly!


Pattern: Alice and Co Patterns Regatta Dress (I was gifted this pattern in exchange for testing it!- making the garment and giving my private feedback)

Fabric: Main fabric of dress Fabric Godmother

Shoes: Able @livefashionable

Earrings: Target Baublebar


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