Rachel Jumpsuit

I love love love this jumpsuit! It is so adorable! I love how it cinches in at the waist! I can imagine it in so many types of fabric. Love the style and can’t wait to make the trousers! I think they will look fabulous! Before I delve in, I just have to say that Athina did a wonderful vlog sew-along for this jumpsuit here!


I will briefly discuss:

• fabric choice

• modifications

• pattern layout

• pattern construction

• pattern fit

• styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I wanted something with some weight and drape but also thick enough to serve as pants. I felt like tencel twill was the perfect choice! I thought my light-colored denim was just screaming the 70’s look that I was going for!



The only change I made was after the garment was completely finished! My invisible zipper broke the first time I wore the jumpsuit! NOOOOOO!

So, I looked around my sewing room and found regular zippers but also found a jean’s zip and I was like yes! I ended up sewing this on the garment after ripping out the invisible zipper which was very sad! I just sewed the edges of the garment right over the zipper tape. I used a zipper foot for this.


The only problem with this solution, is that the zipper was shorter than it should have been so it is difficult to get over my hips now! I have to shimmy in and out!! If the invisible zipper had not broken, this would not be a problem!


Pattern layout:

I didn’t have any issues with the way the pattern layout was set up for cutting your fabric. It worked well and there is nothing particularly complicated about it!

Pattern construction:

I did make one change for construction. I have zero patience for hand sewing so I top-stitched the waistband from the right side about 1/8 above the “ditch.” I am not good at stitching in the ditch, so I stitched above. Then I decided to do this on the top of the waistband so it would look balanced!


Also, I would like to make a note about invisible zipper insertion! I always cut a tiny notch where the zipper meets the waistband seam. This helps me position the zipper notch exactly with the other waistband seam on the other side. When the garment is zipped, then it will perfectly match up and my horizontal seam will look great! And then it broke so it didn't matter! Haha but it is still a good tip!


Also, I did secure down the waistband down at the edges over the invisible zip before sewing the horizontal seam on the inner waistband to finish the waistband off. She states in her instructions to do this by hand stitching after you hand sew the waistband down on the inside, but I decided to do it this way! I folded the waistband back on itself right sides together and then was able to sew down the zipper until the end and clip corners and flip it back around (right side out). I used my zipper foot and got very close to the zipper.

Pattern fit: I feel as though the fit was accurate but just a bit small. I should have made up a bigger size. My waist is a tiny bit larger than a 26 but I try to get away with sizes that fit a 26. It usually works but this time it was a bit tight. But the hips fit well. I made the straps as long as they could be but I feel it could have used more height in the rise. I don't think I would change the strap length the second time around because the waistband sat nicely on my waist. I just needed a little more length below the waistband but it was no big deal! I took a bit out and lessened the seam allowance in the crotch area and it is comfortable now! This is all probably due to my long torso. Next time I will add some length to the rise!

Styling your garment:

I think that these are fabulous with heels! Let me just say that first! The wide leg with my high heeled boots was just fabulous! I also think that any type of shirt looks great underneath! Since my fit is a little tight, I think that it limits the thickness of the shirts that I can wear underneath while still successfully tucking them in! However, I have plenty of thin shirts that can slide on in!


Jumpsuit pattern: Athina Kakou Rachel Jumpsuit

Sewalong Vlog by Athina Kakou: here

Fabric: Blackbird Fabrics- Slubby Tencel Denim- Light Blue Wash

Shirt: Monroe Turtleneck by Tessuti Fabrics

Shoes: Able

Necklace: Me Made by Pink Coat Club

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