Papercut Patterns: Ravine Dress

Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love this dress. I was so unsure the whole time I was making it, but it turned out so well! It felt a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together and really made me admire the pattern creators! When I was done, I was thinking "Woah! How did that happen??" Overall, I did not expect it to turn out as well as it did! I was so amazed. It looks really great on as well! On the hanger it looks a little warped and like it won't fit well but it looked amazing when I put it on!

Just a heads up: I made this dress start to finish in one afternoon, so I am limited on the pics during the process!!! I was making it for Las Vegas, and it was the perfect choice! Just glad I didn’t make any mistakes!

I will briefly discuss:

-fabric choice


-pattern layout

-pattern construction

-pattern fit

-styling your garment 

Fabric Choice

I chose Telio viscose rayon challis in emerald from I love the color I chose as well! I think it looks great in a solid color but would also look great with a print! It is just such a perfect design. My fabric was very thin and drapey but still opaque. I think anything with drape would work well with this dress. If it was very heavy fabric, it may not work well as the seams may pull in an odd way as some are diagonal. 


I made zero modifications and I was super satisfied with the fit! I did slightly make a larger size than I normally would because I was in between two sizes. I decided to go with my bust measurement and this was a wise choice. I wanted the shoulders and rib area to fit well! My bust measures about 33 inches, so I chose the size with a body measurement of 34.5 inches as circled below.

Pattern layout: 

PHEW! This part was a doozie. I tell you what, I would not want to do that everyday! The pattern pieces are cut in a very odd way and you have to really really follow the directions! However, the pattern layout is perfect and I did think it worked well. I think if I had to do it again, I would lay the fabric out on the ground. I would pin the fabric to the pattern pieces and then try to cut around it. I normally use a rotary cutter on my cutting table which was not big enough for some of these pieces. This made it difficult because I had to shift the fabric in between cutting the same piece. For the very large pieces, you have to cut around one half of the piece and then turn the pattern piece over to cut the other half. It is not cut on the fold. I placed a pin in the fabric at the midpoints and then flipped over.

Pattern construction:

First, I would like to say I could have never thought of that order of construction. All I did was follow the directions. If I would have stopped to think it through or think too much into it, I would have been like huh???? This just came together beautifully! I didn’t have any trouble with the instructions and I really appreciated how smoothly everything was flowing! It was like painting a picture that makes no sense until the very end. The instructions were clear but I couldn't really tell where we were going with it! Haha!

When attaching the bias binding, I did more of my own method. I did follow most of the instructions but at the end I did not top-stitch, I just stitched on the wrong side in order to make sure I caught the binding. My bobbin thread looked fine, so I was ok with this!


Pattern fit:

As stated above, this dress fit very well! The tie around the waist allows you to cinch it in there. You can make it as tight or as loose as you want! This gives the dress such good shape! It fit very well in the shoulders and the bust area. I have a small bust but the dress did not look too large and I did not have to make any adjustments. I will say that you need to be mindful of where you put the shoulder tie. I liked mine high up and tight enough to where you usually couldn’t see my bralette straps. However, I almost didn’t leave enough room for my head! It was a close one! Just keep this in mind!

Styling your garment:

This was by far my favorite part! I wore my me-made MadalynneBarrett Bralette that has a beautiful sparkly back! The kits she has available now are slightly different but they are wonderful!!! I love all of her options and the bands would be perfect with this dress. I could have gotten away with no bra but the dress was so thin! As is, you can see some of the lines of my bra on the front in certain positions but this really does not bother me. 

I think this dress works well under a coat for winter because the sleeves are not puffy or flared and looks great with tights! This dress would look amazing with a turtleneck as well! I think I might have to try this! Also think a cropped sweater over the dress would look fabulous and make it appear as a skirt! Also, I think tall boots or ankle booties would look wonderful, and I loved wearing this with my super fun heels! The possibilities are endless! I think one day I will style all of these options for you all just for fun, but where is the time! Ok, I need to go wrap presents for my kids! I can’t wait to see how everyone styles theirs!

Pattern: Ravine dress from Papercut patterns

Fabric: Telio viscose rayon challis in emerald from

Bralette: Barrett Bralette kit from Madalynne, me-made 

Shoes: Sam Edelman from Anthropologie

Necklace and Earrings: Starfish Project

And finally, enjoying the Ravine dress on the Las Vegas strip walking to our show!

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