Ogden Cami Tie Hack!

So I have seen so many hacks of the Ogden Cami out there and I am SURE that this hack exists, but I wanted to share my take on it! This was so easy and it will take you almost no extra time! It is a super cute addition to an already amazing top! Let me just start by saying, you are going to realize how easy this hack is and then instantly love it!


Fabric: This is the most amazing part of this make! I love when there is a good story behind a piece of clothing. This piece of 100% Liberty of London silk came straight out of the store in London, found deep in the clearance bin. It was still a pretty penny, but the pattern on the fabric was so beautiful, I figured I could at least make a scarf out of it but who knew I could make an Ogden Cami with extra straps out of one meter! I also used a small part of the fabric for another project! I got so much out of one meter!

A few thoughts on sewing with silk. Almost every silk fabric I have sewn with, has washed beautifully with my hand wash function in the washer with no problems! I hang it or lay flat to dry and voila! It's fine! I also use a sharp needle and a size that suits the fabric. Silk seems to be tightly woven, so a sharp needle works well. I used a size 80/12.


You will follow the pattern as is except for when you attach the straps! This hack actually makes it easier to make this top! You will start the process when you cut out the pattern pieces. You will cut out double the length of the strap piece that comes with the pattern and you will cut four of them! So you will end up with 4 pieces of fabric that are twice as long and the same width of the pattern piece. The extra length is accounting for the bow you will make at the top of your shoulder. I don’t have exact measurements but I think doubling the pattern piece will be better and easier! This will make up your 4 ties.


When it comes to creating the ties, you will fold them in half, longways, right sides together! Then I sewed one short side and one long side. I used a loop turner (Dritz quick turn) to turn them right side out! It's the most amazing tool and is linked here! Now you have 4 straps that are long enough to attach to the ogden and tie at the shoulder!


When it comes to attaching the straps, you will attach them at the shoulders on the front and back. I basted them to the top as you have seen here. This is what you do when you are making the regular top but you only put them on one bodice, not both. Once you baste these here, you can continue with attaching the facings and then your straps are sandwiched in between the facing and the main body of the top. The nice thing, is when you attach the facings, you don't have to leave a space open for attaching the strap at a later time. You can just sew it closed completely! There is no need to slip in a strap later as in the original instructions!


I tried to put the seam of the strap face up when attaching them (shown below). This would allow the part that shows to be seamless, however, they turn and are not perfect when you tie them! This is not really a requirement!


You can continue making the top as usual after this! I went ahead and added a nice Kylie and the Machine label on the inside, attaching it to the facing only!


I separated out the facing while machine sewing the label so I would not sew it to the outside of the top!


And there you have it! A beautiful top that I will treasure! It makes me feel so sophisticated and amazing! I love it so much! It is silk soft and easy to take care of with my hand wash function!

Pattern: Ogden Cami by True Bias

Fabric: Liberty of London 1 meter silk remnant

Hair tie: made from a scrap of fabric!

Shorts: Ready to Wear from ???? I don't remember!

Shoes: ABLE

Label: Kylie and the Machine