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First, let me start out by saying I think I was supposed to live in France. I mean I absolutely love love love the culture. I don’t know it inside and out but, I think I am in love. I also have a lot of French in my veins from my parents! I know a tiny bit of the language but don’t test me too hard haha. I also NEVER, and I mean NEVER met a French pattern that I didn’t love. Its like we are meant to be together! ALL this to say, this pattern was no different and I fell completely in love with every aspect of it. It is effortlessly beautiful and I love every detail! I was given this pattern to make on my own time without a deadline. There were no requirements other than to make it and post about it. I was not required to blog! I wanted to because it was so amazing! This pattern is the Eowyn dress pattern from Mimoi patterns.


I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces

     -Pattern construction

     -Pattern fit

     -Styling your garment

Fabric Choice:

I have had this black fabric with tiny flowers sitting in my stash for FOREVER!!! I kept pulling it out for something and thinking nahhhhhhh I want something else. This poor fabric has been neglected for more than a year! I just couldn’t wrap my head around wearing black fabric! I never wear black. I don’t feel like its my color and it just depresses me. It makes me look pale and doesn’t add anything to help my skin tone and overall look? Have I had color analysis, no! HAHA. However, when I pulled out this fabric to match up with this pattern I had a big smile on my face! I was like yep, this is the pattern! My 4 yards of rayon from Joanns finally gets a home!


Pattern layout:

This layout was not too difficult for me. I didn’t cut it on one layer like instructed because I had plenty of fabric and didn’t need to worry about saving room. It was a lot easier to deal with that way. However, the front skirt pieces only require you to CUT 1, so you only cut those two on one layer. You also need to keep in mind that the straps have two options and you only need to cut the strap that you decided on. I didn’t cut interfacing for the straps because I didn’t feel they needed it. I also didn’t cut interfacing for the armholes as I just used some bias stay tape from amazon! I also used this fusible tape for the wrap front neckline. It is very quick to apply and I love it!

Modifications to pattern pieces:

I went ahead and completed a small bust adjustment and it almost eliminated the dart! Here is a good youtube video on small bust adjustments!


I am not entirely sure the side of my bodice piece is correct so I just kind of folded closed the dart and cut the excess and this is what I was left with.


I also graded from a 36 at the bust to a 38 at the waist after the dart. I used the size 38 for the rest of the pattern down to the hem of the skirt. This is because I fit the measurements a bit better at the waist and hips with a size 38 and I fit the better at the bust with a size 36. This was very easy to do and I just drew a line to meet the size 38 below the dart and on all other bodice pieces around the same point. I also just cut a straight size 38 size for the rest of the pattern including the waistband. I am glad I did this because everything fit perfectly.


Pattern construction:

Upon attaching the straps, I went ahead and tried on the bodice and made sure the straps were a good length before doing understitching and ironing the bodice and the lining right side out. This was helpful! I also made so many mistakes when constructing this skirt! I had to constantly use my seam ripper! AHHHHH I was so frustrated. Just make sure you attach the bodice to the waistband right sides together. If your lining and your bodice look the same, then you might attach the waistband right side to the lining right side instead of the actual right side. I ended up attaching the skirt too before I realized the mistake! I just had to undo the bodice and re-gather and re-attach the correct way. I ALMOST left it wrong because the only difference was a bit of under stitching but I thought NO! That would drive me crazy down the road!


Another thing to keep in mind is the fit of the waistband. I would make sure that before you put the invisible zipper in, that you check the way the waistband fits by pulling back the seam allowances and then bringing it together in the back. If it is too big, this would be a good opportunity to take more of a seam allowance in the seam below the zipper and with inserting the zipper. If it is not big enough then just take less with the zipper and hopefully it will fit!!! You have to leave some material to grab the zipper. If I could go back, I would have added a thin strip of interfacing here and/or my bias stay tape. My material did not handle seam ripping very well when I realized the zipper was not in a good position and had to redo it! MAKE sure you pay attention to the instructions that say to put the zipper stop 1cm below the top of the waistband! Again, I would say ASK ME HOW I KNOW, but I just told you what happened! Ha!


Pattern fit:

The adjustments I made to the pattern fit went really well! I didn’t have any fit issues with these adjustments and the pattern fit like I thought it would with the perfect amount of ease. I do have a long torso, and the fact that I didn’t have to lengthen the bodice tells me it is pretty long. It is designed to be a blouse type effect over the waistband with some drape but if you have a short torso, I would consider shortening it!


Styling your garment:

I don’t even know what to say about this amazing garment! It is so versatile. I can wear it with sneakers and a simple casual hat or I could see myself wearing it with strappy sandals with a wide brimmed beach hat. Or no hat at all! Enjoy it! I almost wore it to a 4th of July BBQ because it has a nice relaxed feel. I think it is perfect for the beach where you can slip off your sandals and walk in the sand! Sigh, I want to be there right now!


Dress: Eowyn dress pattern from Mimoi patterns

Fabric: Rayon from Joanns Fabric

Hat: World Market

*Dress pattern was given to me for free in exchange for making it and posting on social media. No blog post was required!

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