Madrid Dress Blog Tour

I so enjoyed the creativity of this pattern and joining the blog tour! I was given the Madrid Dress pattern for free in exchange for my participation in the blog tour! All opinions are my own! All of the hacks I added after it was complete! I hope you enjoy the blog and going through the process of making something your own! 


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I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces

     -Pattern construction

     -Pattern fit

     -Styling your garment



When first asked to do the blog tour I had to first figure out my fabric choice! I knew I wanted it to be really different! I didn’t want to buy anything new as well! I felt like the pattern had a little bit of a bohemian look for me. This was actually easy to accomplish by using two fabrics that were similar in nature and color but not exactly the same for the skirt tiers. I thought it would be amazing to use the contrasting fabric for the middle tier, and I thought about adding it to the sleeves but I thought it might be nice to make a hair tie! I also had some polka dot fabric that had a few of the colors and was a nice contrast for the belt. I wanted to follow along with the trend that I am loving right now with mixing the prints! I wanted to make the prints just different enough to make me slightly uncomfortable! Then I knew it would be right! It’s always good to push yourself right! Here are the fabrics listed below:

Main body of the fabric: Sewing studio- Boho Italy Viscose

Contrast panel: Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric- Art Gallery remnant  of Rayon by April Rhodes called Treasured Kermes

The belt: Alyssa May Design- Slate Blue & Mustard Polka Dot Bubble Crepe Georgette


Pattern layout: There is nothing complicated about this other than making sure you know what fabrics go with what pattern pieces if you are using contrast! I just had to cut the middle skirt panel out of my contrast fabric and the belt!


Modifications to pattern pieces: I didn’t modify the pieces but modified the actual garment when it was all finished! I will discuss then in construction.

Pattern construction: I made the pattern exactly as the pattern recommends! When it was all said and done, I felt like it still needed something! First, I decided to add elastic to the sleeves. I thought the volume at the bottom of the sleeves was perfect for gathering. I decided to use 1/2 inch single fold bias tape to make a tunnel about 3/4 of an inch to an inch above the bottom of the hemmed sleeve. I folded the end under and sewed only on the very edge down the long sides. I left the short sides open to run elastic through. I didn’t measure the length of the bias tape out but just started sewing it on and when I got to the end, I cut it a little longer and folded this side under as well.


Now you are left with a tunnel that is open and has no raw edges. Then, take some 3/8 inch wide elastic and measure around your upper arm/bicep. Determine how big you want your elastic to be and cut this exact amount. Mine was about 9 inches. Your elastic needs no extra room because the ends will be meeting at the underarm seam. Then take a safety pin and use this to attach to your elastic and pull it through the tunnel. Leave a very small piece out at both ends and sew through the tunnel and directly over the elastic to secure it in place. Now you will have a gather sleeve with a cute little ruffle for the rest of the sleeve! It’s such a cut little look! 


I also decided the dress needed a thigh high slit! So I went for it! It just tried on the dress and put a safety pin at the location where I wanted the slit to stop. I sewed a straight vertical line of stitches at each side of where I knew the cut would be before I cut into my skirt tier seams. I then cut all the way up to the safety pin. I then stitched a rectangle around the whole slit to secure it with stitching and not let it run. This stitch was about 1/4 inch from the edge. This would also guide me with the hem. At the very top of the rectangle, I clipped a diagonal into the corners.


Then I folded them back carefully creating a rectangle edge that I then pinched together and secured with a stitch at the very top. It was a little too far apart and I didn’t want the slit to be quite that apparent at the top. I just pinched it together. I then did a small hem down each side by folding the fabric back once, using the reinforcement stitch as a guide and then again. This is a very narrow hem! And that is it! That is how I made it more my style and I love the changes! I do love maxi dresses, but as I felt I had to add something different! I love the finished product! 


If you have noticed, I also made several extra hair ties that I can wear with other things using the same technique that was used to make the belt! This was so much fun and can easily be put in the hair! 


Pattern fit: There was a lot of ease built into the pattern! I think this is nice as it makes it very comfortable and breezy. However, I was laughing so hard when I realized I could take the dress off without even undoing the zip! I think I could have sized down just a tad. I was in between the two sizes and went up because I wanted the underarms and shoulders to fit well. I didn’t have any problems in that area. That being said, I might make it again in the same size but eliminate the zip! How nice!!! 


Styling: I mean this dress has endless amounts of possibilities! I think it can look so different depending on the fabric you choose, what you put in your hair, what kind of shoe you wear vs no shoes! It has so many options! I love it! Have fun!

Dress: Madrid dress by Coffee and Thread

Fabric: Main body of the fabric: Sewing studio- Boho Italy Viscose

Contrast panel: Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric- Art Gallery remnant  of Rayon by April Rhodes called Treasured Kermes

The belt: Alyssa May Design- Slate Blue & Mustard Polka Dot Bubble Crepe Georgette