Helen's Closet Winslow Culottes

OH MY GOODNESS! Ask me if I love these pants! They are so amazing and I love them! They are like secret pajamas, seriously! I had zero problems with the construction and the pattern is so so easy to follow! I will get into the gritty details now!


I will briefly discuss:

  • Fabric choice

  • Modifications

  • Pattern layout

  • Pattern construction

  • Pattern fit

  • Styling your garment

Fabric Choice:

I chose this fabulous triple crepe from Sew Over It! I think it was great for the drape and I loved the weight of it. I think tencel twill and maybe viscose twill would also be a great option! Anything with a bit of drape and weight!


I didn’t change a thing! Everything was perfect!!!


Pattern layout:

I didn’t have quite enough fabric according to the requirements but I made it! It was a close one. The pattern pieces are very wide, and if your 60” inch wide fabric is folded in half to cut two pieces at the same time, you will not be able to put two pants pieces side by side. I just barely made it with the amount of fabric I had! I had 2.1 meters and I needed 2.5! I made a size 4.

Pattern construction:

The only thing I changed slightly was how I attached the inner waistband! I explain this well on my YouTube video but here is a summary! The picture below shows how I pin the inner waistband very carefully making sure that the pin goes through the bottom of the inner waistband as it sits 1/8” past the seam between the pants and the outer waistband. I should mention that the secret is leaving these pins in! I learned this tip from a Sew Liberated pattern! She is genius for suggesting this. When you stitch in the ditch on the right side of the garment, you sew very slowly over the pins that are there on the inside. As long as they are positioned like the picture with the heads of the pins close to the top of the pants, otherwise you would hit the head of the pins. Just sew very slowly and by leaving the pins in, you accomplish quite a few things. The waistband won't twist or turn and the inside waistband will definitely be caught with your stitch in the ditch. Win Win!!!


Pattern fit:

I loved the fit! There is plenty of room through the hips and of course the legs. The waist is the only place where the garment really fits your body close with little extra ease. The hips have a little more ease than the waist and the legs have plenty of room!


Styling your garment:

Where to begin! I was unsure about this color because as I said in my YouTube video, red is a very bright color for me and I am not used to wearing it! When I got dressed this morning, I saw my lavender shirt and thought yes! This is the Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Company and is an absolutely fabulous pattern that I have already done a blog post about. I think that these pants look best with something tucked in but also would look great with a jumper or a cropped shirt. I think that it looked fabulous with boots but maybe some flats in the summer would be great! I can wear it with a striped boat neck tee and hop on a boat! Not really...but possibly! I think that I might add a temporary extra hem in the summer to be able to wear it with flats, as they might be a little too long.


And that’s it folks! Make sure you check out my Instagram to see my #sewfancypantsdance for the challenge that Katie is hosting! It’s awesome.

Thanks for watching and reading!


Pants: Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes in Sew Over It Triple Crepe in Red Carpet

Shirt: Me-made Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company

Scarf: Hand knitted by me from a We Are Knitters Strelitzia Scarf kit in the Sky Lovers shade

Hat: Target

Shoes: ABLE

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