Friday Pattern Company: Andrienne Blouse

What an awesome tester pattern! I immediately fell in love. This is so wonderful on so many levels! I just love puffy sleeves and cannot get enough of them!


I will briefly discuss:

-fabric choice


-pattern layout

-pattern construction

-pattern fit

-styling your garment

-notes about pattern testing

Fabric choice:

I chose a double knit that I had on hand from the Sewing Studio. This fabric was only $4/yard with one of her manic monday sales!!! It turned out perfectly. I think any knit would work. You could use a knit with drape but this may cause the sleeves to hang more and not have as much shape. I like the look of my knit fabric because it had some shape to it and didn’t collapse with the puffed sleeves! A ponte or French terry would also be nice. I think you could make it in a stretch velvet or jacquard knit as well! It would be so beautiful!


I did not change a thing!

Pattern layout:

This pattern does not use many pieces so the layout was very easy. I appreciated this as I can use a small amount of fabric. The Fabric requirements were accurate.

Pattern construction:

This was extremely simple and detailed. However, when I was told to baste a seam, I didn't! I should have listened to this! She does this within the pattern to help you adjust the fit of the shoulders later. See more in the next paragraph.


Pattern fit:

The fit is fantastic! The way she has you adjust the elastic on the shoulder within the pattern is genius! I didn't baste the seam first, so when I had to adjust the elastic I had to pull out tight stitches! Haha don't know why I did that. I just sewed and was like uh oh! Should have basted!

Styling your garment:

I think this top would look amazing with skirts, jackets, scarves, jeans, corduroy, under some overalls or dungarees, with a pinafore, etc.. Possibilities are endless.

Brief note on pattern testing: It is such an honor to make an unreleased pattern! That person is trusting you with a draft of their pattern, waiting to hopefully hear constructive criticism. For me, this idea scares me to death! I think it's an important process to send out a pattern to testers and I appreciate the weight that they put on our feedback. I am a details person, so I love looking things over and making sure they look good! When you receive the pattern, you have a certain time period to make the garment and provide a review. It is so different from what I normally do! That is because when you finish the garment, you can’t reveal it online until the pattern is released! It really tests my patience! When the pattern is done being modified, you typically will receive the final version! This is great because if there were many changes made, you can typically make another version of the pattern with the new changes! Testing is an amazing way to get the pattern for free and be involved in creating something awesome! So thankful to be trusted with this pattern test! I don’t get them all though! Sometimes the testers are looking for all different sizes and they may have already gotten enough of your size! So don’t be offended if you are not selected to test! Just keep applying if it is something you really desire to do! Also, typically all sewing levels are welcomed! Pattern testers want to know how beginners as well as advanced sewers will handle the pattern! So don’t be discouraged if you are a beginner!

Pattern: Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company

Fabric: Sewing Studio double knit (Manic Monday special $4/yard)

Scarf: From Epcot in the Paris Pavilion at Disney World!

Skirt: Arabella Skirt pattern by Rebecca Page in Joann's Fabric Rayon

Shoes: Root Collective- amazing shoe company with amazing ideals

Hat: super old!

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