Clementine Dress by Forget Me Not Patterns


Well let me just start by saying this Clementine Dress pattern by Forget Me Not Patterns was such a joy to make. I was not asked to blog about this dress but I was given the pattern for free in exchange for me to sew it up and post it on social media. However, I loved it so much I really wanted to blog about it! 

I will briefly discuss:

     -Fabric choice

     -Pattern layout

     -Modifications to pattern pieces

     -Pattern construction

     -Pattern fit

     -Styling your garment


Fabric choice: I wanted to use a Ponte but I didn’t have the right amount or color in my stash. I decided on a rather stable cotton jersey. It is an organic jersey fabric that I have been hoarding from Fabric Worm. I think any relatively stable jersey would work very well. 


Pattern layout: Everything is explained very well and it is very well drafted! There are even instructions for a full bust adjustment on her website I believe. You do need to make sure you attach the skirt pieces to the bodice pieces when you are cutting them out. You will be cutting these out as one continuous piece. This makes it very easy for construction of the pattern later on.

Modifications to pattern pieces: I literally modified nothing on the pattern and it was absolutely perfect!


Pattern construction: I literally cannot say enough good about this part. This instructions are so amazing. That is something I really appreciate in all patterns. It is so important to me to have great instructions. They were also very logical and made a lot of sense. I even liked how she told you to start sewing the front middle and side front together from the bottom hem of the skirt up! I just can’t believe how detailed, yet succinct the instructions were. I loved it so so much! You guys, you have to make this pattern just purely for the instructions. It makes the whole process just extremely enjoyable!


Pattern fit: I had zero problems with fit. The garment is very forgiving. My jersey had a good amount of stretch but wonderful recovery and structure at the same time. This definitely helped! 

Styling your garment: I think this would look fabulous with belt of some sort and some cute sandals or boots! It is fabulous with all sorts of accessories! The actual reason I made this so quickly was to take it on my Canada trip! I thought it would be perfect with leggings, hiking boots and a cute beanie or hat! Does anyone else form the entire outfit in your head while you sew a garment. I sometimes do this when I am even picking out the fabric HA! It’s just a thing I do! I hope you enjoy this pattern and enjoy making it yourself! 

GUESS who else made this pattern and it looks amazing! Cortney from and it is amazing! We had so much fun taking pictures together and there are lots more to come! I am so excited to share them all with you but here is just one so you can see how our time together started. This was the awkward but cute stage when we didn’t know what to do together! haha! Here is a link to her review of the pattern!!!!


Dress: Clementine dress by Forget Me Not Patterns

*Dress pattern was given to me for free in exchange for making it and posting on social media. No blog post was required!

Shoes: ABLE

Hat: World Market