Athina Kakor Patterns: Suzy Dress

I was in love with this pattern the moment I saw it! The pattern test went very smoothly and I didn’t have to make any adjustments!


I will briefly discuss

  • fabric choice

  • modifications

  • pattern layout

  • pattern construction

  • pattern fit

  • styling your garment

Fabric choice:

I wanted something simple yet with a pattern. I reached deep into my stash and decided this emerald green polka dot was the perfect solution! I really wasn’t sure because I only had two yards but it was perfect! The fabric is green organic dot cotton knit from Hart’s Fabric. I bought it so long ago, they no longer have it anymore. However, I have never gotten any poor quality fabric from Hart's and they have a lovely selection right now! It was the perfect weight because it wasn’t too thin or drapey. I think a cotton knit or Ponte or even French Terry would be nice for this. Something with a tiny bit of structure.



I didn’t make any modifications! Everything fit absolutely perfectly and it is an easy fit because of the knit and elastic at the waist.

Pattern layout:

I got creative with my pattern layout as I only had 2 yards of fabric, if that, but other than that, I didn’t change anything. My fabric wasn’t directional, so this was helpful!

Pattern construction:

I didn’t change anything with the construction of the pattern. I even enjoyed the method of inserting the elastic. The only difference was that I made more markings on my elastic in order to even distribute it well around the waist. I broke it up into quarters.

I also cut my neckband according to the directions which had the neckband cut on the grain. This was not where my fabric’s greatest stretch was. Sometimes that is a good thing, however, it almost didn’t have enough stretch to stretch longer to fit the neckline. My fabric didn’t have 4 way stretch. It DID make it though! And it did look great. It just wasn’t easy!

She DID change this in the final pattern! Now the neckband is cut horizontally with the directions of the greatest stretch running also horizontally. This will help you fit your neckband around the neckline!

Pattern fit:

This is something that I am most impressed by! The fit was so perfect. Shoulders, length, bust, etc. so great!


Styling your garment:

Oh where to begin! This pattern and the fabric choice I made just screams vintage. I could see it with some white gloves and high heels and a wide brimmed hat. Also, you could style it like my picture! Another great option! I also think a jumper or sweater would be great over this dress. It would make it look like you have a mini skirt paired with your jumper!

Dress: AK Patterns Suzy dress

Hat: Disneyworld Epcot!

Shoes: Able

Belt: Anthropologie

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