Adriana Skirt by AK Patterns

I love this pattern! I mean the high waisted paper bag waist is super on trend! I don’t normally obsess over trends but I have always loved this one! This skirt only took me a day and was super easy to make! There were a few confusing parts, but I made it through without a problem and it is very helpful to refer to her you tube video! I also modified a few things as you will see in the modifications sections!


I will briefly discuss:

-fabric choice


-pattern layout

-pattern construction

-pattern fit

-styling your garment

Fabric Choice:

This was a tough one for me! I wanted to use so many of the prints that I had but I wanted to be good for once and make something versatile. I settled on my corduroy from Joann's! I think this would be great in a cotton lawn, a bottom weight that is not too thick, or cotton poplin. So many choices! Her suggestions are very helpful for determining what fabric to use.



There were several parts I decided to change. First, I hardly ever hand stitch or hand sew anything! I just don’t find it that relaxing. If I have time to do this, I would rather knit! I decided to fold under the waistband by 5/8” seam allowance on the sides by the invisible zipper and topstitch. This is shown below. Be careful not to sew too closely to the zipper or your fabric will get caught in the zipper.


Also, I pinned the waist band down and top stitched it from the right side. The stitches are barely visible in the corduroy! If I had a different fabric, I might stitch in the ditch for this part.

I also stitched a line between the waistband and the top paperbag waist section because the seam allowances inside were very bulky even though I trimmed them. You can trying thinning them by grading the seam allowances to make the inner seam allowance shorter.


Pattern layout:

I didn’t change anything for the layout and fit all pieces on 2 yards of fabric which was amazing!

Pattern construction:

The only changes I have made to the construction are those listed in the modifications section! Other than that, the construction went smoothly! My Pfaff Passport 3.0 did an amazing job sewing over all of the layers! I didn't even have to help guide it through. I used a more heavy duty needle as well (90/14 denim needle).

I did have to change the zipper a tiny bit. I allowed the top of my skirt to be without the zipper so I could get more length out of my 9 inch zipper! The pattern calls for a 10 inch zipper! I decided I could add a clasp at the top of my skirt if I needed but it turned out ok! I think next time I will just insert a longer zipper because I can choose to end the zipper at any point in the skirt back seam! You can just sew the rest of the way down to close the back seam at the bottom of the zipper. You can always shorten the zipper as well.

Pattern fit:

The fit was actually smaller than I thought it would be! I had to suck in the tummy a bit to get the zipper up! I think I needed to make a slightly bigger size. I made a size 8.


Styling your garment:

The possibilities are endless! This one was in corduroy because I made it just before spring but it would be easy to dress it up or down with any fabric and depending on what you wear with it! I would keep in mind that the skirt needs to shine! So pairing it with a plain shirt or tight fitting top would be nice. You can also pair it with a button down shirt that you can tuck in and bubble out a bit! Adds a bit of a vogue touch!

Pattern: Adriana Skirt by Athina Kakou (AK Patterns)

Shoes: ABLE

Shirt: Free People

Earrings: Machete

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