McCalls 7721 Hack

I am so excited to share this hack with you all! I love how this turned out and looks so close to the ready to wear top I was trying to imitate! I figured I would start with the McCalls 7721pattern with view D and this was a fabulous start.


I will briefly discuss how I made this modified version of this pattern! There is not much you need to change! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, by email or on instagram!

Here is my ready to wear top and here is my final version!

Here is a picture of the pattern views as well!


Fabric choice: 

The fabric required for the pattern is a knit base but I chose to do woven. You will need to find a fabric with good drape, weight, and movement if you want to achieve the same look. A sheer fabric would be even better. It would really show off the poof a lot more! You don’t want anything with a lot of body because then it will turn out to be very boxy. I chose some stretch chiffon from Alyssa May Design. I loved the romantic floral and since it had some stretch, I thought this would be helpful but not necessary. I also chose rib knit for the neckband, cuffs, and bottom band. The bottom band is something you have to draft, which I will discuss down below. The other two are already pattern pieces. My rib knit was from Indie Sew. You just want it to be coordinating and can match almost any color in the print of your fabric. 

Adjustments to pattern: 

I chose to cut out one size bigger than my normal size for this pattern to allow for more poof and body and more room since it would be make out of woven fabric. In retrospect, the pattern has plenty of ease and the only stretch you need is already taken care of by the rib knit placement. I think I could have kept my original size just fine! Of note, I used one size smaller for the rib knit pieces (the cuffs and the neck band).

I also cut off length on the shirt! I cut the length of at the waist notch! This cuts off a lot of length. You will have to imagine if you want it to fall at your waist or lower. I probably should have added one more inch in length. This will also be a trial and error. Depending on where you want the shirt to sit. Just remember, you can always cut more off but not less!!!

I also smoothed out the top of the sleeve pattern piece and made it rounded. I cut it to be round and planned on just gathering the sleeve head, eliminating the pleats. You can estimate this. I just took my rotary cutter and kind of went around the pattern piece in one smooth motion and didn't go down for the pleats.

I also decided to make the rib knit cuffs at my wrists smaller. I kept making them smaller until it fit my wrist appropriately, then when attaching the woven edge, I used basting stitches on the edge of the top to gather to fit the knit cuff. You can stretch your cuff to fit the edge of the sleeve and this is how the instructions tell you to attach it. However, I had made my cuff so small, that it was very difficult to stretch it to fit. So I gathered the top until it was the same size as my cuff!


For the bottom band, I cut a piece of rib knit about 20 inches wide and 5 inches tall. I used the same method that you do when you make the cuffs and neckband. I stitched the short ends together right sides together and then folding it in half longways with the wrong sides together to make the band. You will have to just cut a strip longer than mine I you like and calculate how long your strip should be by putting it around your body where you would like the shirt to sit. Mine took some trial and error. I started out with a piece 25 inches long. It depends on how much your rib knit with stretch as well and the recovery. Once you think you have it correct, you can sew just the rib knit bottom band together and before attaching it to the shirt, see how it fits around your waist, or wherever you want the shirt to sit.

You will be sewing the bottom band to the bottom of the shirt exactly how you sew the cuffs. I gathered the bottom of my shirt with basting stitches to make it easier to get the bottom band to fit. I made sure everything was gathered neatly and evenly by separating the shirt and band into 4 parts using pins!


Now, on to my skirt! I went ahead and made the Arielle Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons! It is such a great pattern and Simplicity came out with a pattern very similar that you could also use! All I did to modify this was to omit several of the bottom buttons. I sewed on enough to make it modest for when I didn’t want to worry about it and left the rest off. You can leave as many as you want unbuttoned! I used fabric from Hobby Lobby! It was clearance fabric, and I believe it was a linen cotton!

And that’s all folks! I really really love it and I think I may try it in a sheer fabric next! It was very quick and easy to make! I hope you enjoy and it make your own! Please tag me on Instagram if you do!! 

Shirt Pattern: McCalls 7721

Shirt Fabric: Alyssa Mays Design Stretch Chiffon

Skirt Pattern: Tilly & The Buttons Arielle Skirt

Skirt Fabric: Hobby Lobby

Floral Headpiece: In my Amazon Storefront

Shoes: Able

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